Fix 'Em For $5FIX YOUR DOG! Only $5
If your ZIP Code is 35810, you can fix your dog for only $5. THERE ARE NO INCOME RESTRICTIONS. Every dog owner who lives in the 35810 ZIP Code is eligible. This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER. The spay or neuter surgery must be completed by September 19th.Please call one of the following clinics. Tell them your zip code is 35810 and you want to make a $5 appointment to have your dog fixed. You must show your driver’s license and pay your $5 co-pay at the time of the appointment.

• Chase Animal Hospital –  256 – 851-7297
• Flint River Animal Hospital – 256 – 852-3300
• Governor’s Choice Animal Hospital – 256 – 534-2241


SNAP exists to. . .

  • Reduce the number of dogs and cats euthanized at local shelters.
  • Reduce the number of unwanted dogs and cats who end up dumped, neglected or abused.
  • Provide a way for low-income families and individuals to be responsible pet owners.

Similar programs in other states have reduced euthanasia by as much as 75%.

SNAP (Spay/Neuter Action Project) is a 501 (c) (3) organization that serves Madison County, Alabama.
SNAP funds surgeries for the companion animals of low income members of our community.
Participating veterinarians discount their fees as a service to our community.
Send us an email at [email protected]
Or call us at 256-539-8163.
For Spay/Neuter Assistance call 256-830-8459.
Fix 'Em For $5